Armor Protection Incorrectly represented

I noticed that in War Thunder the armor values ​​of vehicles are displayed incorrectly. I also made some pictures that show that. If the armor of a tank like a Tiger 2 H at the front is 150mm pure tank stable and at an angle of inclination of 49 degrees the armor is 223MM then the armor cannot protect more than 223MM and not 300 or 400MM is not possible, but it is represented that way in the game. For example, the BR-412D If the tiger has 2 firers, the tiger has 314MM of protection at the front and now my frange. If it is effectively 223MM, then it cannot be the armor Suddenly 314MM are Where does the 100mm armor come from sir And I noticed that with a lot of tanks that the os is but it is not effective is the highest possible I took pictures for you but that urgently needs to be revised because it is unrealistic and misrepresented because more It is not effective, that’s why a T34-85 of 45MM pure with 60 degrees inclination to 90 MM is effective but more is not possible because there is no more armor than the 90 MM unless the inclination changes the armor protection model in War Thunder is currently rubbish and does not correspond to the rality please also make sure that it is displayed correctly and does not become effective 223MM Suddenly 314MM that is not possible Point effective is effective does not go beyond that should be clear to everyone and I hope the Gaijin team I only want that Was thunder a good game remains

LG Vater_Unser-96

I have same issue!

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