Armor penetration and lethality issues with hstvl

In this declassified article about the HSTV-L light tank, many of the values of the current one in game are incorrect, regarding the gun. The current bullet it has (XM885) states according to the military should have the lethality of the M774 fin round, found on the M1 Abrams. Also the HSTV-L should have multiple bullets such as a HE, HE proximity, and anti aircraft flechettes.


they aren’t going to do anything but constantly nerf U.S and British vehicles. people have already bug reported this, and they’ve done nothing. The only thing they care about is their Precious T80BVMs with over buffed armor and their 2S38 premium. A 1970s tank fighting tanks from 2016 lol with a round that can only go through the sides of MBTs this is the gaijin snail mocking its player base

Oh yeah, its armor doesn’t even work any more lol

Armor penetration and lethality is something that should be modified in all the ammunition in this game, since they are not close to reality, but it is something that will not be touched since the devs use it to botch the tanks.


Its not a russian tank so they wont do nothing, shell performance and HE shell are american propaganda


If you can provide a source quoting the penetrator length, diameter then that would fix the penetration.

I would fix the XM885 APFSDS cuz I have the means for it to get fixed but I hate that thing with a passion, you’d understand if you played Type 10 MBT and there’s armour holes everywhere and then a HSVTL shows up

Once the Type 10 armour gets fixed, that’s when I’ll bother fixing HSVT-L

If i told you i told people about the armor holes in numerous nato vehicles, and at the same time russian MBTs as far back as 5 years ago had the same armor holes, only they only fixed the russian tanks , would you believe it?

spookston did all this already, he even made a video about it , actually ithink he made a couple of videos on the hstlv, and they only fixed the loading part, then ignored the rest.

I have 2 versions for its projectile length

Version 1
430mm long projectile with ~370mm long penetrator

Version 2
500mm long projectile with ~440mm long penetrator

440mm WHA long penetrator weighing ~2.2kg at 1463m/s vs M774 APFSDS