ARL-44 and ACL-1 increase of dep. and armor buff

When Playing the ARL’s I’ve notice something odd the one had weaker frontal armor whiles the later had more, whenever I play the ACl-1 Im expecting to have great front hull protect due to it being the same stats as the 44, as the later was an improvement only on the gun and turret only the hull remains the same so when I play or fight against it I find it to easy to kill it with anything above 100m penetration. So Im wonder to increase the ARL (ACL-1) HULL Armor to better help it fighting against 4.0-4.7 tanks.

ARL-44 loss of gun dep. I was skeptical to know that the real ARL-44 had only -5* instead of -10* I think it would be better to help the Tank performance to either return its original guns dep. or at least give it -8 as its still easily killable to anything it faces regardless of the neft of it elevations. Or the buff to the AP penetration buff

If you bring it to Gaijin’s attention, they’ll probably nerf them both even more and up tier them.

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You need to prove its missing historical armor.

You need to prove its missing historical depression.

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The ACL-1 represents the prototype ARL with the originally specified 75mm gun and 60mm plate. The ARL-44 is the actual production vehicle with the 90mm gun and 120mm frontal armor. The gun elevation is accurate to the vehicles.


this was done by someone who wanted them nerf with its gun elevation for being not real to the counter part by old manual script he found

Tho sadly someone has debunk it is more on gameplay rather than keeping it real with the IRL counter part as most with in its tech tree have at least having -8 for its tanks

You are aware that the turrets and guns are completely different between the two right?

It has its historical depression because it has a semi-autoloader system (for a 5s reload) that takes space. System which was not implemented (I made the report). So it is understandable that some are frustrated that they get the downsides without the upsides. Not even a reduction to 8s (similar to the Tiger’s reload speed) was accepted (despite asking for it). Despite having a much worse shell (solid shot) and turret profile (to be fair, it is always compared to a Panther in french docs, so the turret armour is ok).

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I am aware but what I mention that should be the same was the hull armor not the guns

gameplay wise I just think it needs have some back for gameplay use as this is game, ARL-44 is one of few tanks within the French thats still better using with the limited tanks in rank 4

WoT is down the hall on the left.

Blitz is much better