Arjun Main battle tank

Whether the Arjun tank, as a tank in service in India, can be issued to Britain in the same way as the T-90s

Development of the Arjun

About DRDO

The Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment, or “DRDO” was created in March 1975 at Chennai, to beter gather technicians, engineers in the same spot, in the wake of the Indian domestic tank program started in 1972. Most of its former assets came from the Chief Inspectorate of Mechanical Transport Establishment (MTE) in Chaklala (Pakistan) moved to Ahmednagar. It became the “Vehicle Research & Development Establishment” or VRDE. In 1965, the Heavy Vehicles Factory created at Avadi to manufacture the Vijayanta Tank saw an adjunction from VRDE there to provide R&D support. In March 1976, this Avadi detachment was separated from VRDE and became, and then the independent DRDO laboratory, now the exoert center of Armoured Fighting Vehicles in India. CVRDE was responsible for the development of the Arjun MBT but worked also on the Tank-EX, Bhim Self Propelled Artillery and Improved Ajeya (T-72 upgrade).
DRDO Arjun Main Battle Tank (2006) (

Need the Penetration CUM Blast round in game

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ayo, wut

It works exactly like what you are thinking.

No :/

No reason to give anymore leopards 2 to next trees

No for indian vehicles

First Arjun prototype will likely go to Germany.

lets hope it won’t

I never saw any reason why foreign armour/afv’s was added to the UK tree when so much of the British stuff is missing.If Gaijin have to then do a Commonwealth tree separately and we can lose all that out of place South African stuff that so many dont want.