Ariete userskin gives Sagittario tga files instead of the actual Ariete

1st Image - War Thunder gives Sagittario tga files instead of the Ariete

2nd Image - Sagittario_2.tga content when opened in Photoshop

Is this a bug?

I understand that both the Ariete and Sagittario have the same chassis but when I download Userskins for the Ariete made by other players, it contains actual Ariete files and not Sagittario ones.

Also, I still don’t have the Sagittario 2 researched in-game, is this the issue?

The image didn’t upload as intended but the images are here:


I had to download War Thunder CDK to get the actual Ariete files.


  1. Download and Install War Thunder CDK
  2. Open WTAssetViewer
  3. On the bottom left, search for your desired plane
  4. Download the resources that you need on the right, this will ask you where you wish to export the desired DDS file that you’d like to manipulate.

Note: Editing DDS files on Photoshop requires a plug-in.