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The Ariete class was a group of 16 torpedo boats built for the Regia Marina during the Second World War in the shipyards of Ansaldo in Genova, the Quarnaro di Fiume and CRDA in Trieste. The “Ariete” class torpedo boats were built following a reworking of the “Spica” class project, with the aim of eliminating some shortcomings manifested during the use of similar units built before the war; ultimately they obtained greater engine power with increased autonomy and antiaircraft armament more suited to war needs. Only one unit was completed before the armistice, the class leader Ariete, built in the Ansaldo shipyards in Sestri Ponente where its hull was set on July 15, 1942. The unit launched on March 6, 1943 and entered into service on the following August 5. All the other units under construction were captured and completed by the Germans after the armistice and they were lost during the conflict, the only unit that survived was the Ariete who served in the Italian Navy until 1949. The Ariete torpedo boat would be an excellent addition to the Italian naval Tech Tree which is lacking in this type of ship.

Crew: Officers: 10 - Second Chiefs, Sergeants and Seamen: 140

Empty weight: 757 tons
Full load: 1127 tons

Length: 83,5 m
Width: 8,62 m
Full Load Draft: 3,15 m

Engine System:
2 Regia Marina type water tube boilers
2 Parsons turbines
2 propellers
Power: 22.300 HP
Speed: 31,5 knots (58,34 km/h)

1500 miles (2414 km) at 16 knots
600 miles (965 km) at 30 knots

2 Cannon 100/47 OTO Mod. 1937 (single systems)
6 Machine guns 20/65 mm AA Breda Mod. 1935 (3 twin systems)
4 Machine guns 20/65 mm AA Breda Mod. 1940 (single systems)
6 torpedo tubes 450 mm (2 trinated implants)
2 depth charge launchers



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+1 absolute yes, it looks very fun to play

Looks like a very good material for a frigate, would be better than the tank.

Looking at the name it will be either overtiered or nerfed (with superstructure made of wood or air).

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Ha, and that would mark the third name to serve all three forms of battles, the first 2 being jaguar and tiger.
Congrats on getting passed too.

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Yes, please! We need the third Ariete! We’ve got Ariete the tank, Ariete the plane, where’s my Ariete the ship?!

This is not just a good ship but it would also become some sort of meme: the third Ariete.