Ariete Armor that defies common sense of physics

A piece of armor weighing about 1000KG can only provide about 20MM of KE protection.

Without considering any unofficial information, please tell us what kind of additional armor is this made of?


They only restored the Ariete’s weight but not the armor’s protection! it‘s armor can withstand at least 3bm60.And I don’t see any Italian content in this update. Why did the UK get JAS39C, but Italy didn’t?

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They fixed the weight on the dev-server, but don’t care about changes of protection, looks like some bias towards nation honestly.

“The War kit sees the installation of additional plates for the protection of the turret and hull from direct hits with APFSDS (Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot) type armor-piercing bullets” - Panorama Difesa Numero 401 - November 2020 (P.44).

“The first, called “war”, with peculiarities aimed at improving survival against kinetic energy ammunition, will be installed on the entire “Ariete” wagon fleet.” - RIVISTA MILITARE 2005 N.2 (P.67).