Are we sure the re.2002 engine spins counterclockwise?

I have the engine manual somewhere but I’m lazy and I didn’t see any info in a a cursory glance in the dal 2002 al 2005 book. Did the piaggio turbine really spin counter clockwise? It’s basically a suped up gnome rhone engine like the duck wich is basically a bristol engine right? I was just in sim and noticed this and had a wtf moment.

IDK about the technical stuff but I’ve noticed MB152’s and MB157’s engines are put at an angle in different directions from one another, so I guess different gnome rhone variants could spin in opposite directions.

The engine doesn’t spin, and as a geared propeller it can be made to spin in any direction.

which makes it odd that Italy would have it spin opposite every other plane they used no? I am aware it could spin both ways as the engine that proceeded it is on the breda 88 and are counterrotating. My question is given that every other italian plane isn’t turning that direction why gaijin decided to make this one do it ESP when they already made the pilot a big chungus by war thunder standards. I haven’t seen mention of this in sources. Maybe if I find a video of it spinning with landmarks so they can’t say the video is mirrored we can get it changed but I doubt it.
edit: upon looking at pictures it is seemingly correct however the logic seems to escape me?

Shrug - might be interesting to know, but TBH it’s probably something utterly trivial, and they didn’t actually bother with any “standard” direction of rotation at all - just “luck of the draw”

Oh no believe me the italians did NOT think prop rotation was trivial. it was in the requirements for most new fighters to try to negate it if possible hence why the 200 202 205 wing is like that and the g55 vertical stabilizer is offset. They (strangely imho) considered it a major problem. This is why my immediate response was one of confusion however despite being a geared prop the re2000 also has the prop spin that direction. I wish I could get into the aeronautica militare’s archives… maybe after graduation tbh I am a historian and italian citizen after all.

I didn’t say prop rotation is trivial - I said hte DIRECTION is trivial - the same problem with torque exists in a single engine a/c whichever direction the prop rotates.