Are torpedo turrets selectable?

What is the order of firing from torpedo tubes? It seem randomly selected to me.

Can I somehow cycle through torpedo tubes/turrets?

Torpedo tubes are selected based on which tube it deemed to have the best angle for where you are aiming. As for manual switching between them, i do not believe you can. Then again, i have not messed around a lot with the naval controls

Yes you can - if you press the "Fire torpedoes control (“Q” for me - is that the default for PC’s??) it scrolls between the TT banks (or single tubes if on a PT boat), and no selection at all.

I don’t think so man.
For me Q just turns the torpedo aiming on and off. The only thing, that switches between torpedoes/turrets, is moving a mouse during the aim, but that’s random, that’s why I am asking how to select them manually.

Try again - it works for me on all ships and boats as of right now, and always has.

I tried it with several ships and its the same. I should clarify, that I am not talking about gun turrets, I am talking about torpedo turrets.
I know how to switch between main guns and torpedoes. I just want to be able to launch torpedo from specific torpedo turret.

I went through controls and I don’t think War Thunder offers this option (yet). So I have to pray to Snail to be able to launch the torpedo through narrow spaces when using ship with multiple torpedo turrets.

I know what you mean - when you have, say, 3 torpedo turrets on Shimikaze, with 5 tubes each… or other DD’s with 2 turrets of 3 or 4 each, or cruisers with 1 turret each side…

Well I can chose which one to launch from every time - even battleship fixed tubes…including games tonight.

At the moment the game automatically cycles between the turrets every time I press Q or “space” to fire a torpedo… so every shot comes from a different turret (which is bloody annoying tbh and maybe a bug??) but to to select a turret I just press “q” until the one I want is selected, and then shoot that one - the game will then auto-select hte next turret for the next shot, but I can “Q” past it without shooting until I’m back with the one I want.


It is in Options->Main->Naval Battle Settings
“Torpedo sight control with a mouse”

When I turned it off, it started to work as you described.

Just as I was furiously trying to find where can I set, so I fire from everything at once, because Type K-8 is so frikin bad. In this case it is set by default in Controls, but it doesnt work for machine guns for some ridiculous reason.

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