Are there any chinese CAS elements that can be added? (7.7-9.7)

As title says. China has some decent ground lineups from 7.7 to 10.0 but barely any CAS elements (including helis) to support them, and some of those with very little and primitive ordinance. Are there anything that we can expect/wish for from country of Taiwan, China or their neighbours?

Photos and links are welcome.

The JL-8 series of trainers could carry ASMs and low power AAMs
Would fit in around 8.3-9.0 depending on if it got Late AAMs (pl-7)

Also the Q-5s make great CAS and everything past the starter heli is decent

Im gonna soon find out more about Q-5s but by the look of them, with barely any bombs and rockets they are kinda lacking.

Starter heli is very nice tho, swift, with 4 decent missiles and thermals. The rest is good too, but the problem is that they start at 10.0. Would be nice to have more in 8.0-9.7 range

I guess Hongdu K-8 basic could be 9.7 BR at rank 7 but china tech tree no attack aircraft 10.0,

and AIDC AT-3A from ROCAF would be 10.0 or 10.3



The flight performance of K-8 should be on par with SK-60 irl. Plus, the K-8 can only carry about 700kg weapon.
Therefore this one can only be at ~7.x in game, and some loadouts like PL-5 and PL-7 cannot be implemented due to balancing issues.

From what I read just now the K-8 flight model is more closely compared to saab-105. With 4 hardpoints for 250kg bombs and a ballistic computer it would be a scaled down version of that lovely swedish attacker. I think without any missiles and smart weapons the BR of 8.0 would be fair. Another variant could be added on 8.7 this time with laser guided bombs, flares and maybe some unhistorical early aams.

Attacker version of L-15 and FTC-2000/2000G can be added for these BR ranges
JH-7 with only unguided bombs and rockets can be added for higher BR
In addition, if Gaijin wants to extend the bomber line, they can add the earliest H-6 bomber

7.7 The F84G can be selected to carry 2 1000 pound projectiles and several rockets.
The Q5I (Q5A) model of 9.0BR (please distinguish between I and L) can carry 4 250KG projectiles (recommended 250-2, with more explosives), 8 130 rockets, and 14 90 rockets. In addition, the Q5I has CCIP and rocket trajectory computer.
The Q5L with 9.7BR is a good choice, as it also has CCIP, CCRP, and a rocket trajectory computer that can carry two GB250 guided bombs or two GB500 guided bombs (recommended GB250 (with higher accuracy and ROG), as well as eight 130 rockets or 14 90 rockets. However, the Q5L’s whiteboard has no weapons, only two poorly ballistic 23-2 machine guns.

It could use pl-5 and pl-7 aams as a weapons trainer so it could get either

Both of which are too advanced for its flight model. PL-2 would be more suitable

The SU-25 in question:

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Yeah so existence of 11.0 missiles on 9.3 airframe allows for 10.7 missiles on 8.3 airframe? And what Br would that be? Not to mention su25 having 11 hardpoints and over 4 tones of ordinance that well justify the BR even without those missiles, compared to 4 hardpoints and 1 tonne here.