Are the SPO-15 series of RWRs going to be fixed?

So, the SPO-15 has less signal processing than western radars so it doesn’t get infinitely variable signal detection angles or range calculation, and that’s totally fine. But it’s a huge issue that it’s IRL advantage over western RWRs of the same era, that being target elevation, isn’t modelled in game. And, though it doesn’t have range calculation, it does have signal intensity, which would still be useful information (especially with fox-3s coming soon).

Anyway, it doesn’t seem too hard to model properly and it’s well overdue. There’s a few bug reports that have been forwarded so I’m just wondering if this is a planned change.
@Smin1080p is this being worked on?


Hopefully they’ll add this


It was modelled on the dev

what really???

Not at all well. Almost none of the visual functions were working, nor any of the intricate mechanics implemented.

At this point it’s effectively a tiny pinhole light popping up.

In the dev server, they accurately modeled the functionality of the SPO15 RWR in the Su-27 cockpit, but I don’t know why this feature was removed in the live server.

I hope they model the fact that you cant use the SPO-15 alongside the radar on the MiG-29 and Su-27 as well, would be a great balancing factor for the R-27ER, and would be realistic

That’s… not true in the slightest

Ohh boy yes it is haha.

UK report on the subject working with German MIG-29’s


The SU-27 manual
The translation;

“When the RLPK and L006LM are operating simultaneously, it is possible to display false information on the L006LM indicator (displaying bearing marks 10, 30, 50, 90 on the left and right, type X, power gradation up to 8, marks B, N and CAPTURE).
To determine the actual situation, it is necessary (if possible) at the stages of searching and detecting a target to set the IZLUCH-EKV-OKL switch on the RLPK control panel to the OFF position for 5-10 seconds.”



While I know this wont be added as it is considered a malfunction and those aren’t in game.

This would be a hilarious and frankly neat addition.

It isn’t a malfunction, its a specific design limitation of their radar/RWR system, and I’d argue it very much should be modelled. Russian players having to decide between using their radar and being blind to their RWR or vice versa would be a great way to balance out the oppressive R-27ER as well.

This isn’t a case of “your final drive has a 15% of shearing, leaving your tank undriveable”, or “high AOA maneuvers have the potential to cause compressor stalls”. This is “if you turn your radar on, your RWR will not work, as the radar will interfere with its function entirely.” Its not a random occurrence, its a known inability of the system.

It would also increase the value of the MiG-29SMT, as its radar and RWR would work at the same time.

The Dev’s have already said they don’t intend on modelling it.


Would have been a neat quirk.


neat, I stand corrected

It is not a design limitation, the cycle of operation ensured the RWR would only receive signals in between the aircraft’s radar pulses. On the Su-27SK such thing could’ve been caused on very rare occasions by the fact it uses a degraded export variant of the RPLK-27 Myech. There has been no other report on this aside from German and Ukrainian MiG-29 pilots and the only possible reasoning would be shoddy maintenance of the radar links which could’ve led to desynchronization of the RWR and Radar cycle.


@Gunjob isn’t it you that has the official russian Su-27 manual that states the radar and RWR cannot be operated simultaneously? I know someone has it, and ive read (and laughed about) it before, but i dont remember exactly where it is atm.

Edit: found the comment with the excerpt at least:

This is from a pilot btw:


This is what the RWR indicator would display according to the official manual when the radar is on:

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