Are the GBU-8 on the F-4E worth using or am i doing something wrong?

So trying to use the F4-E as for CAS, and carry two GBU-8’s. I go in to the camera view to find a target and cant see any targets. Yesterday i locked on where i seen a SAM lauch from then watched the bomb go in. It was a Panstir but it was invisible. It shot a missile at the bomb but the bomb still hit and i got a kill. The burning wreckage wasnt even showing. On the off chance i do see a target it wont lock on after repeated attempts, or if it does lock on it may or may not track the target.

Is there a certain range that i need to be in for better chance for locking? I have all my graphics at max and shouldnt have any issues as i do have a 3080. It works fine in test flights so i dont know. Any help would be appreciated

F-4E lacks targeting pod so when you aim, you actually use bomb’s own camera for finding target which is low quality black and white. Some planes like A-6E or A-7E with their own targeting pod can do much better.

It probably isn’t your computer, how far away were you from the target? War Thunder has a bit of a draw distance/render problem at long ranges and vehicles will just sort of pop in. Typically it seems to not happen between 10 and 12km but much furhter than that i’m not sure.

In my experience, they dont lock tanks until around 6km. F4e also gets upgraded version that can track a bit further out