Are stealth belts useful in some air-to-air battles or should I just default to air-to-air tracer belts at 7.7 and below?

I plan to practice using the Spitfire F Mk. 24 and some jets without missiles. How do I practice using stealth belts? I assume stealth belts are good if I can reliably aim at targets from 500 meters or further. I want to hunt attackers and bombers in Ground Simulator battles. Should I practice aiming with stealth belts? If yes, how? Should I default to air-to-air or armor-piercing belts with tracers instead?

Whether a belt is any good or not depends on its contents, not its title.

So check what sort of rounds are in each - for small calibers API-T is pretty much the best you can get for tracer, API alone without tracer.

To practice aiming with stealth - maybe fly some Air Assault missions? It’s arcade so you will get an aiming point, and perhaps that can help you calibrate your eye for when you are fighting without an aiming point.