Are different levels of ammunition protection modeled in game?

I know that blowout panels are modeled on modern tanks but what I am looking for is a bit more basic.

To explain my point, lets look at 3 late World War II tanks, the T-34-85, the A34 Comet, and the M4A3E8. The T-34-85 has a lot of ammo stored in the turret that is just held in place by clips. Any fragments from a penetration or shell detonating only have to get through the casing to ignite the propellant. The A34 Comet has all of its ammo in bins (maybe armored). there are 2 layers that a fragment needs to get through to ignite the propellant. The M4A3E8 has wet ammo storage, where all ammo is stored in bins but also has a liquid jacket around it to try and put out fires.

Seeing how the bins are not physically modeled in game, is there any modifiers applied to the ammo that I am unaware of that indicate that they are in bins or wet storage that decrease the odds of that ammo getting destroyed?


Someone can correct me on this but no, wet ammo racks are not modeled.

The only protection that exists for ammo is if they’re stored inside fuel tanks, which actually catches shrapnel that wouldve went to the ammo than reduce reduce burn risk, and unfragmental shrapnel armor.

For an example, the reason top tier russian tanks are so survivable is because the game is programmed that armor thicker than 7mm can cause shrapnel but below that cannot. Russian MBTs has 4-6mm of shrapnel protection for the autoloader and ammo carousel, thick enough to stop shrapnel but thin enough to not generate spalling themselves.

This results in the ammo being ‘protected’ but in a mostly counterintuitive way.


As far as I know, wet ammo racks only have a reduced explosion chance and no armor protection is actually model.

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Ok, so like a 5mm thick structural steel bin would provide fragment protection without creating more shrapnel if hit?

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Ok, can you see what this reduced explosion chance is or is it hidden or just rumor

Correct thats basically whats going on.

Everytime you hit ammo the game rolls a dice if its a detonation or not. For NATO tanks a dart will usually impact the ammo bins follow by shrapnel. So if your ammo rack had 15 shells and all of them were hit thats 15 dice rolls and only one needs to trigger a detonation.

Thanks to soviet unfragable armor, any dart penetration will only impact one single piece of propellant/ammo. Thus only one dice roll is deciding if that hit was a detonation or not. The nonfragable armor also protect the crew from being killed from anything less than a direct hit with a dart which is why everyone calls soviet MBTs bias machines.

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