Arcade inferior to RB

hello, new forum member here. I’ve played war thunder for a year, all on Arcade mode and all the videos in Youtube and hepful tips are on RB (realistic battles)

Is me playing Arcade means I am playing something inferior to RB?

“inferior” is a loaded word.
its a game, you play what you like to play.
RB is generally harder to learn but is more rewarding if you do learn it.
Gameplay wise its not necessarily more fun, but it is harder and you feel more accomplished when doing good.
Economically RB generally eats more SL but you gain more RP.

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Whats RP again?

Research points.
So you progress faster through tech trees in RB if you are around or above averagely skilled.
Without premium account it is however more risky as you can loose a lot more SL if you are having a bad day or aren’t that good of a player.

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Arcade players usually play the game only for fun. You can even see this on the forum, where far most active forum members play Realistic. Sometimes when you mention here that you play Arcade, other people start laughing at you or say something like “who cares about Arcade?” or “Arcade is for noobs”. It’s just how it is. Even though the developers admit several times that most of the players in the game actually play Arcade, there is a clear hatred towards Arcade players on the forum and similar places.

You don’t see videos about Arcade on YouTube, because of the reasons mentioned above. Arcade players usually don’t care too much about the details of the game, they just enjoy the game. So if you make Arcade content, you won’t really gain any money from it. There were a few Arcade content creators in the past, but they switched to Realistic already, where they can actually get a lot of views and subscribers.

No, and don’t listen to players who say otherwise. My advice is to try everything and see what you like the most.

For me, Arcade is still the main game mode where I actually have fun. But I don’t really enjoy jets in Air Arcade (they are too fast, so battles are too chaotic). That’s why when I play jets (and I rarely play jets) I switch to Air Realistic.

It’s also funny that many players think that Arcade is “easy” and Realistic is “hard”. I play the game for years, and my experience in Arcade is huge, in Realistic is very limited. But I find at least Air Realistic generally much easier to play than Air Arcade. Of course there are additional things that you have to worry about in Air Realistic (like the engine overheating, limited ammo, wing load etc.), but at the same time it’s much easier to recognize threats and control your surroundings (simply stay alive) in this mode.

Like Necronomica already said, you can gain much more Research Points especially in Air Realistic. For that reason I sometimes play Air Realistic with a propeller, just to spade it quickly (get all the modifications). The RP difference between Ground/Naval Arcade and Realistic is not that big, so I prefer to play Ground/Naval Arcade, where I have more fun. But between Air Arcade and Air Realistic the difference is absolutely huge.

For example, we have two Yak-9P in the game, which are identical, just in the different tech trees (one is Russian, one is Hungarian/Italian).

  • to spade Russian Yak-9P in Air Arcade I needed 48 battles with 32 deaths, 104 air kills and 20 ground kills.
  • to spade Hungarian Yak-9P in Air Realistic I needed 9 battles with 4 deaths, 17 air kills and 8 ground kills.

This kind of research points difference really is a joke. And I’m not even a good Realistic player. I can’t ignore this kind of crazy difference, so I basically play propellers for fun in Air Arcade, for quick grind (usually spading copy-pasted planes) in Air Realistic.

You also have to remember, fun is an individual matter. For you fun can be something different than for me. That’s why I always suggest to just try all game modes and stick to the one you find more fun with. For me that’s Arcade (except jets), for you it could be Realistic or maybe even Sim?


Aside from what Paul already said, Arcade is a more realistic military operation than Realistic. You can actually win by attacking the enemy on the ground. It isn’t just a team deathmatch but requires not just tactics, but operational decisions as well. This is something many people find lacking in RB.

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I play Arcade and I have a surplus of 33 million. If you play well you will go fast in the TT.

The comments from RB people criticizing Arcade is from people with no life .

Have fun and play what you want.

RB is more popular, but AB does not mean you are inferior. AB is just as valid a gamemode as RB and still requires a lot of skill. Top tier air AB especially actually, in my opinion, requires more skill than top tier air RB. You are in no way inferior for playing AB. It’s just a different style of play.

Iirc its the opposite, AB is more popular, by a good amount. Most AB players simply arent on the forums at all.

tier air AB especially actually, in my opinion, requires more skill than top tier air RB.

Aoeilaeiepae moment™


Ah, I stand corrected.

Yeah he got me into playing TTAA. Still an RB main but I hop into TTAA on the side sometimes.

My last check said that airRB leads airAB by a small margin. But that may depend on stuff like time and date.

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I am trying get there atm 😔

Only up to 5.3 rn, and doing sweden so idk what to grind for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In ground battles, AB and RB require somewhat different skillsets.
AB requires more accuracy and speed of execution…as you can’t really hide and there is little chance of surprising the enemy.
In RB you can use more strategy, spotting (and hiding) becomes a key skill and aiming has less support, so is a bit harder.
Pure AB or RB players would be in trouble on the other mode…
AB players in RB have problems finding the enemy and are killed without knowing how.
RB players in AB are usually slower on the reactions and have problems coping with the large number of face-to-face and close range battles.
Of course it is possible to master BOTH skillsets…probably easier to move from RB to AB…

There is no better or lesser mode…they are just different.

BTW…AB is designed to be faster and a bit more ectic…


It’s usually just RB mains who want to feel a sense of achievement by putting someone else down, and then the most obnoxious ones always happen to be the ones with the least talent judging by their records.