Arcade battles do not let you use vehicles to their full extent

Realistic should always be played, you get to actually ambush people, perform a flank, and hide with bushes. Not to mention that you get more rp and sl. Armour is very important in arcade, as if you do not have it, you will most likely get shredded early on in the match. And you can choose which plane to spawn in, and there is no timer. I know people might get mad at me for saying that arcade sucks, as new players all play it when they start the game.

To each his own.

Well there is 1 obvious reason to play arcade, arcade gets a higher crew training modifier, thats why players play it often, max theor Crew and never touch again

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arcade is the most powerful mode in the game. RB cakes can clean our shoes

War Thunder Sweats: we prefer RB because in arcade nametags made lightly armored vehicles bad

Also War Thunder Sweats: Just use SPAA bro CAS is not a problem even though it make most ground vehicles useless but we are OK with it hehe

I’m not a sweat, I haven’t played the game in months, plus I don’t play it for like 7 hours a day and spend hundreds of dollars on it.

I’d say it was a matter of the individual’s playstyle. I like AB but I play the game to smite a few pixels as stress release.