Arabic tactical numerals

Do you agree with the addition of Arabic numerals?
  • Aye, freely applicable on any vehicle
  • Aye, but restricted to SU,US,GB,FR,CN vehicles
  • No

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I would like to suggest some Arabic numerals since the countries in the Arab world, Iran, Afghani-& Pakistan mainly use Soviet, Chinese, British, French or Us tanks with/out modifications.

They should be available ingame either as white or black.

There are 3 variants:

The Eastern Arabic numerals is used by most of the Arab countries with the exception of Iran & Afghanistan using the Perso-Arabic variant, Pakistan using the Urdu script and the Maghreb countries using the Western Arabic numerals.

The numerals are fairly identical except for n*4, 5,6

Currently there’s only the number ‘350’ in Perso-Arabic script in the neutral countries decals section, which isn’t enough.


Eastern Arabic script

Urdu script



Perso Arabic script


I fully support this idea :)
Arabic and Urdu numbers look cool.

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i would def love this in game ,gaijin plz

Excellent idea

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man this is moist tanks looks so drippy on arabic number ngl. def a +1 from me