[April Fools 2024] Kagero-class,JBNS-Y-467 Harekaze(Final Mod)

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Live by the sea, protect the sea, and journey by the sea!

Hello everyone, Today I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite ships, the HSF Harekaze.

Background on Harekaze

“Harekaze”‘(Y-467) is a training destroyer belonging to the Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School(. The captain is Akino Misaki.

On April 5, Harukaze departed Yokosuka, but was late for a training exercise due to an engine failure and a lost ship. In the area where she arrived, Harekaze was suddenly attacked by the Independence-class “Sarushima”(Y-083), which had been converted into an instructor ship. In self-defense, Harekaze fired a torpedo, which destroyed the Sarushima and saved her life, but Harukaze was charged with treason for her actions.
While on the run, on April 8, Harekaze was attacked by the “Admiral Spee”, a German study-abroad ship, and engaged in a firefight. Along the way, he rescued an escapee from the Spee, the “Wilhelmina Braunschweig Ingenohl Friedeburg,” the vice-captain of the Spee. On the following day, the 9th, he engaged the “I-201” belonging to the Higashi Maizuru Boys’ Maritime School, which he successfully neutralized with Wilhelmina’s assistance.

After that, Harekaze went to the coast of Shikoku for shopping, but was intercepted by the Blue Mermaid and the captain and 4 others were detained. Harukaze was also surrounded by a total of 4 ships, including “Mamiya”(Y-2201) and “Akashi”(Y-2302), but they were friends and Harekaze was able to obtain supplies from the supply ship Akashi. At this time, Akino Misaki also reported to the Blue Mermaid that her firing on Sarushima was for self-defense.
As a result of this supply, Harekaze main gun was converted to a Type 98 10cm Naval gun and her FCS to a Type 94 Anti-Aircraft Fire Director.

On the 14th, orders were received from the school and the ship was rushed to the waters near Asuncion Island. There, he witnesses the “Musashi”(Y-118) engaging the instructor ship of the Higashi Maizuru.

On the 26th, she engaged the runaway “Hiei”(Y-102), running it aground and disabling it. She also discovered the Admiral Supe, which was missing off the Admiralty Islands, and after a bombardment ship, she skippered the Supe to disable it. However, this battle caused damage to Harekaze, including the loss of use of turret No.3.


The design is similar to that of a typical Kagero-class destroyer. In reality, however, they are so different that it is safe to say that they are a separate class. In order to operate with a small number of people as a training ship, the inside of the building is automated as much as possible, which enables Harekaze to operate with 30 people (1 school class).

As for speed, not only is the ship equipped with a high-pressure boiler similar to that of the Amatsukaze, but it is also set at 55,000 hp, a higher output than the Amatsukaze, which allows the Harukaze to reach 37 knots, the fastest of the Kagero-class. However, Harekaze engines were very unstable throughout the ship’s career, and this was a source of trouble for Harekaze throughout her career.

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This is actually in WOWS…