[April Fools 2024] Emergency Repair Goddess consumable for GE

Have you ever gotten tired of those red team Moffett’s just waking up and deciding that your entire existence should be redacted? Or spawned in with your shiny new SMS Baden only for a Krohnstadt to get an unlucky Torpedo Cut-in that results in your magazine being obliterated?


Moments before disaster


If this has been something you experienced, do I have the solution for you!


The Emergency Repair Personnel consumable will be an item you can buy for 500GE in the ingame store!

When your crew count hits 10% or less you can chose to activate this consumable which will awaken 100% of your crew from their sea nap what will get you back into the fight!
Have you forgotten to activate them or did that Cut-in get you? In that case upon sinking the fairies will automatically activate and slap 100% of your crew awake.

Now this might sound like it would be a completely unrealistic consumable, but sailors are notoriously superstitious so the power of that will just reawaken them from that 41cm hole in their chest. To prevent ships from never going under though, you will only be able to activate this consumable once every game. Every ship needs a bit of time off in dry dock after all. You also will have to select either the Emergency Repair Personnel or Emergency Repair Goddess before going into the battle, as using both would be a rather unfair advantage.

Also take a look at the counterpart of this suggestion for the SL version!