Apple/Mac user experience

I’ve been playing warthunder since 2015 on Mac platform.
It was a unique game and one of the few good games you can play on a Mac.

I’ve recently started having serious crashes with Warthunder once it switched to use METAL only. And since that time my experience declined from satisfaction to occasional playing till my current status which is avoiding to play it.
As a part of the Mac user community we’ve submitted a lot of bug reports about Screen Freezing with the Game running in background, we’ve submitted reports on Game Crashes. Certain maps freezing the whole computer. Pressing keys would trigger a Command Key press which results in random events and many more bugs. The worst of them is the Freezing and Crashings.

It’s been years now since the adoption of the Only Metal Option and from that point I must say that the gaming experience for me as a Mac user declined. Every time there is an update, I would give it another shot but still I get the same exact crashes. And because none of those issues have been seriously addressed I’ve stopped reporting those bugs. And I’m writing this as another documentation for the supervisors that they may learn how terrible the game support is to Mac users.

I’ve finally reached the conclusion to remove the game indefinitely. I’d rather have extra 47GB of free space on my drive than a game that doesn’t work.

Hi @Bloodvine from a linux user.
I don’t know If you noticed but since last forum “update” gaijin eliminated linux and apple forum categories, that per se could be just an anecdote, an slip once fixed and restored. But they don fix it.

Just follow the line of dots to figure the pattern:
At same forum you can see a working game consoles category and even a new one to the mobile “version” of the game.

I can understand your uninstalling as some years ago I did the same, when gaijin decided that downgrade the opengl version used before finish the vulkan version was acceptable. It took them years to do it, having permanent crashes, daily reports and offering a much worse game experience for those years… So, I can not help you but I saw myself reflected in your recent experience. His from a penguin to an apple.