Apparently researchign BOL flares still doesn't let me use them. What am i doing wrong? Do I need to get the aim9l mod to mount them? The f-14b already has pylons. Why this excruciating stock grind?


Literally tells you on the right hand side;

Same for your current unlocks;

Not being able to use the BOL’s without any missiles is a bug though, I’ll report that internally.

I’ve raised a report for that.


my question is why would you need aim9l mod if you have a pylon available with the stock aim9l’s

but you entered here going “literally tells you on the right hand side” completely disregarding the “the f14b already has pylons” part.

Its a bug…

If I sound alittle tired its because you raise threads whining every day and I think everyone is getting alittle bored of it. Yes this time you have a legitimate issue as such I’ve done you a favour and raise the report for it myself. Take the W.