APDS used by Belgian M24 Chaffees? (pls help)


Ok so this is a mystery.

Apparently the Belgians used APDS shells on their Chaffees, but i really couldn’t find anything about a 75 mm APDS for the Chaffee’s M6 gun.

My good buddy Blockhaj and I have tried everything from the secret projects forum to the ammunition association one but no one seems to know anything about this APDS.

What we know is that it’s APDS, has a muzzle velocity of about 900 m/s and that it could be related to the British 77 mm APDS based on the markings on it.

If anyone of you guys have anything to add to these few pictures we found it would be great :)



My apologies, this is unrelated, but according to this, M61 is APC? Is there a reason it’s APCBC in-game?

Yeah i think US designations sometimes didn’t include it, it’s something i’ve seen with other shells too but i’m no expert

I assume you mean this?

Pretty strange they’re calling it “obus de rupture”, because this is what the french called all their APHE shells.

Yeah they just called rounds AP or APC. The ballistic cap doesn’t really matter since it only changes the ballistic performance.

They rather included whether it was with HE filler or not.

If you look closely, you’ll see they wrote that on any type of AP.

“Rupture” could mean several things but it just means it’s armor-piercing i’m pretty sure

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Wouldn’t the more appropriate translation be “penetrator”

Yeah, hence why I found it weird. Though i’m not a france enjoyer by any means.

Isn’t there an english “rupture” as well?

There is but the context in english seems to be somewhat different to french

if you finish the phrase it is pretty clear that the are talking about an apds not an aphe, obus de rupture is a generic way to call some anti armor proyectiles

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Forgot to mention that if it was indeed based off the British 77 mm APDS, we’d be looking at about 180 mm of pen which is really nice for a Chaffee

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