APDS shattering and APHE fuse failure

Wasn’t shattering the main issue with Soviet blunt head BR-XXXA rounds? In game they have extreme angle penetration because full caliber rounds cannot shatter.

It’s almost as if numerous tanks were specifically designed to shatter saboted shells, so this mechanic was actually important to add and not just a pain in the ass RNG mechanic!
Not to mention shells shatter far too infrequently compared to IRL, in my 5 years of WT I can count on 1 hand how many times my shell has shattered when it shouldn’t have 100% done so (it’s 4).

If were being pinekty there is one fuse failure modedled in game. The Italian low tier "HESH"(not actually HESH its all circular sourcing from some random blog) is an APHE round with a dodgy base fuse.

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It’s not APHE but rather HEAT.

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ah yes my bad Still its technically a fuse failure

Apds shattering can be prevented by aiming a bit better no? (Albeit inconsistent as hell). But It is a somewhat controllable variable unlike what ur suggesting which is basically RNGs. Ppls might like the niche details but for most of the casual playerbase it would be nightmare and also would nerf most country that is not Bri’ish to the grounds. Maybe a togglable options for sims only?

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Let me explain why Gaijin made subcaliber shells suck: Soviet tungsten shells are bad, because stingy soviets used very small amounts of magic metal, unlike other nations. Gaijin looks at how badly soviet APCR/APDS sucks balls and says: “If I can’t have it good, no one can” and slams the nerf hammer onto all subcaliber shells in the game.

… and they lived happily every after (not the players, the devs), The end.

Now go to back to siffering, peon.


I would suggest Gaijin adjust APHE , APCR , solid AP damage output altogether.
Or fix APHE spall cone

Though it has been 7 years since…


It was added to keep lower tier APDS in check so they wouldn’t have to move up the vehicles that had it after the decompression.

Most low tier APDS didn’t even only get buffed with the APDS changes.

The only APDS rounds that got flat buffed with the new APDS calculator is early NATO 105 mm APDS, and Russian 100 mm and 122 mm APDS. Every other APDS either saw both a nerf and a buff (17 pounder, 20 pounder, Conq 120 mm), was mostly nerfed (Swedish early APDS) or was flat nerfed (Comet). And that’s just with the penetration changes, not accounting for the addition of shattering.


Yes, but that’s not what I’m saying. It’s because all APDS and or stabilized vehicles were moved up and away from earlier vehicles.

It’s a nerf to keep the APDS using vehicles lower.

Reason why they dont do this (Quite justifiably imo, ive made my opinion on what should happen clear), is bc it would make the two shells virtually identical.

I don’t see that shells being virtually identical would be any problematic.
what i see is that there will be alot of work for them to adjust new BR because these will impact alot of ground vehicles start from tier 1

That’s in the roadmap for the summer update.