APDS now shattering on IS-3 track armor

That amount of sources may be difficult, video evidence! Yeah I’ve had him do that to my reports to “not a bug”, 6 months later it’s fixed. Or alternatively “Fixed” and not actually fixed litterally nothing changed.

Looking at the fairly high angle you hit the UFP, it would make sense for it to shatter.

The problem is that the tungsten ammo is just so much better than normal AP, it can have up to +100% more pen (at least at close range and 0°), its impossible to make it balanced AND realistic at the same time if players are allowed to spam it.

I think it would be fair to un-nerf its penetration and post-pen effects to real life levels if the developers limited the amount of APCR/APDS a vehicle could carry in battle to something like 5-10 rounds tops. I’m debating as to whether allow these to be replenished on a cap circle. Because once one team had captured all caps on the map, it would have unlimited access to this un-nerfed “gold” (lol) ammo, which would lead to even worse steamrolls than we see now.

It’s the only thing that makes British tier IV/V bearable, and it’s now frustratingly inconsistent. The angled penetration was nerfed and only the flat penetrate is impressive AND it has to deal with shatter. So in a 6.3 lineup you get, APDS slingers! (APDS terrible) and HESH slinger! (HESH even worse). It’s no more op than it ever was, Britain was hardly stomping before they introduced shatter.
By the stats the only British round that was actually truly buffed in penetration in angled was 105mm shot L28 and now 2nd Gen APDS is bizzarely better than 3rd Gen. Actually after shatter was new 2nd Gen was unusable too but they seemed to have toned it down massively since then (probably because 2nd Gen is widely used in game unlike 1st and 3rd).