APDS now shattering on IS-3 track armor

Just got an anonymous call from General Patton, dude was pissed.

Clearly APDS was changed (nerfed) once again, because this has only started occurring recently. Now the small amount of track armor on the nose of the IS is enough to trigger a shell shatter, for me, 100% of the time. I tested it in custom battle against bots.

Despite this, I was able to take out an IS-3 by shooting through a massive concrete wall. Honestly Gaijin please end this madness. APDS did not need this BS, the buff to flat penetration wasn’t going to do anything anyway.

I have to ask once again how a shot manages to penetrate that much flat armor if the shot will just shatter on someone’s lost pair of glasses before the main plate. You would think this nonsense would massively compromise the performance.

EDIT: APDS can penetrate through multiple layers, I shot through the side of a T-54 right out the other side, no shatter. This is being manually deployed on a case by case basis it seems. Looks like someone manually enabled this to occur on the IS-3, that or the shatter frequency or intensity was increased for sloped targets…


Stalin shattered your round😁


For a few months now the interaction of bullets with armor has been a total disaster, now on average in every two games you get shots that stop the armor when it would be impossible, apparently or is it something that the devs have made a mistake? Or they have done it on purpose, but it is still a disaster, especially for tanks that take more than 10 seconds to reload.

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Recent changes of APDS is definitely huge nerf, playing Centurion is painful

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Its not as bad with the Cents as they have a fast reload to take follow up shots. Tanks like the Conqueror MUST have more reliable performance given its reload, its just ridiculous now.

Solution: make the tracks a tier 4 survivability upgrade

All they need to do is give APDS the same damage modifier as .50 cal bullets, because apparently they have no issue destroying tank tracks or barrels.

I’ve shot tank barrels with APDS in the Vickers Mk1 and your rolling the dice on whether or not the game is going to considered it a hit making it red, or just nothing.


.50 cal cannot destroy barrels

They can but they have to he 57 mm or lower in caliber.

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Vehicles that have such low caliber often lack armor.So it’s better to kill them using .50 cal.So theres no point of disabling them.

APDS shatters to inform us that our decisions can cause harm to those around us if we fail to do the correct actions.

IS-3 doesn’t need this APDS BS

6.0 doesnt need IS-3 BS

IS-3 doesnt need APFSDS, HEAT-FS nor ATGM BS

speak for yourself this is the most fun part of the british tree!!

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clearly the gun made to fight vs is3 and t54 are not good enough for it
Can’t even pen the side armor xD


That is possibly an unlucky angle, its 90mm at 60o that plate, you may have been shooting it at well over 60 degrees

It can penetrate the frontally everywhere at 2000m

Its mostly volumetric shatter nonsense on the IS-3 that causes issues.

This exact same thing also regularly happens to 300mm+ pen APFSDS, and yes it only happens with russian vehicles what a surprise