APDS for Sherman Firefly

Can we please see APDS for the British Sherman VC? Why does the Italian Firefly get it when the British one doesn’t?

Cause the Italian Vc is 5.0.

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So give the British VC APDS and move it up to 5.0? That’s the only difference between them afaik. Especially since APDS was used by the UK and not Italy

Note that the APDS for the 17 pounder was used in 1944 onwards, after the Italian surrender

Italian Shermans are postwar leased vehicles. Not sure why you want to have an uptiered firefly, the shell doesn’t really make the tank better (at least now after they reworked APDS shells in general), you can actually try it by yourself, the grind to Italian firefly isn’t that hard.

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Yeah, APDS on the comet is pain to use, I don’t want it on the Firefly, and because the 4.7 lineup is pretty powerful.

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My bad didn’t know they were post war, but I still think it should be an option to at least be considered. This is just my opinion, and you are free to have your own.

I think Britain should absolutely get a new Firefly, that has APDS, foldered with the current one.


Yeah a Sherman IC by preference.

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What they have to do is remove the sphere of death from the APHE, causing them to do cone-shaped damage, and increasing the fragments of non-APHE projectiles, which, after all, actually makes the difference from a projectile APHE and one without explosive was not more than 10%.
It must also be said that the APDS ammunition would be very different, the first thing is that the APDS ammunition would do more damage than the APCBC, the second is that the sherman firefly did not have a scope for the APDS and third the 17pdr APDS had an accuracy problem from the third shot, and to recover precision, it was necessary to shoot an APCBC that would clean the barrel of the remains of the sabot.

Well APDS on the Comet is also flat out worse (goes 200 m/s slower, can’t penetrate the Panther’s UFP unlike 17 pounder APDS).

The British should just get the Sherman IC Hybrid from the Italian tree, minus the 5th crewmember. Would make a nice 5.0 in the British tree as well.

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