Anyone know where the badges come from on profiles?

I don’t really know where else to put this but what i mean are the badges from clicking on someone’s pfp on here. Like on mine I have one for Sweden and Britain. It doesn’t seem to be about having top tier otherwise Britan wouldn’t be there and others would. Nor does it seem to be playtime for the same reason

I’m not sure how their distributed. But it may be Focused on what types of exclusive vehicles you have during a certain update. If you look at my badges you’ll notice I have beta tested some things like tanks and naval. Which I understand why I have those badges. But I don’t understand where the other ones are from. Maybe preordering a vehicle from that update ?

The “medals” come from specific tasks completed in games. Every tree has one that’s the equivalent of the “Purple Heart” award, as you’re probably familiar with it, which requires you kill an X number of vehicles while critically damaged. I have about 9 for Sweden, on my way to 10, most of them are just ridiculous to get, like eventually killing 10.000/25.000 vehicles in battles of a nation. But if you go to the medals tab on your profile and hover over each specific one, it should tell you the parameters to achieve it.

There are two “Home Guard/reserve” medals for Sweden for example, one for Rank I-IV and one for V-VII, Silver and Gold respectively.

The highest of Sweden you can get is the Royal Order of the Sword in Gold.

Here’s a link of all the Medals in game, it will go directly to Sweden, but the rest are there.

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I have no clue because the earliest time I ever got a premium was the TURMS a month before the 2S38 came out (yes I was one of those people lol. It shows on my stat card but im slowly correcting it)

I think you misunderstood the question. I meant the badges here on the forums, like you have 1 and it says Viking Fury on it. If you click on someones pfp from here you’ll see what I mean. Because if it was based off of medals I’d have a lot more since I’ve gotten multiple nations to top tier in ground and air (and by extension have more of the in game medals you’re talking about) but Britan isn’t one of those nations for me

I think it’s premiums you own, as the only “first” premium I have was from the “Viking Fury” update, I have the Strv 103-0, So; In layman’s terms, I don’t know.

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You get them buying the pre-update pack for each major update.

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Hmm, I didn’t pre purchase the Strv 103 however. Maybe it is though.

You also get them by participating in the open betas for early-access that you can bypass with those same new-tree pre-order store premiums.

After the beta is over you can buy the pre-order premiums as long as they are still on the store and still get the forum badge.

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