Anyone Encountering Phantom Pins?

Hi all, first post on the new forum,

Does anyone else encounter what phantom pings while playing ground games? I often see the red marks appear on the map, normally accompanied by “Attention to the map!” in English, but with no accompanying sound or the standard radio message.

I assumed these are from people I have blocked, but the phantom pings appear in the oddest places; I’ve given up investigating them.

Is this a bug or am I just seeing activity of people I’ve blocked?

Thanks for any comments on this.

PS thanks to @Pacifica for the help.

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Can we edit our posts in this new forum layout?

Hiya! Welcome to our Forum

The Academy maybe a better place for game help, if you have not already tried there The Academy - Players helping Players - War Thunder — official forum

When you reach Trust level 2 I think it is ? you can then Edit your own posts then… all you have to do is just read more of the forum and you will level up in trust, hope that helps! o7

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Thank you, yes, I got a message and seem to be able to do this. Let me try and redirect this post to thhe forum you suggested.

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Do you happen to have a picture of the map when this happens? Does the ping look like the standard ping or is it a non-flashing red one?

Thanks for the reply.

It seems to happen every map. Next time I play, I’ll try to record the session. Stay tuned! 🙂

if an aircraft gets shot at the ping will pop up on the map in ground battles if its near the map


Huh, I wonder, that could be it. I’ll pay attention to the game I’m trying to play now (server seems to be slow).