Any way to tell if a player has been banned?

As the title suggests, anyway to tell?
The playercard displays no such information.


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community search on this website, also lol, you could just ask me on discord :p

i am aware of the search function, however, there is nothing on the persons playercard to say they have been banned.

Try searching the playercard of a known cheater who was banned- you will see nothing there to indicate a ban.

If they have been banned, they will have a big BANNED over their name, on the WT-player website, that is.

not for me it doesnt.
No “banned” stamp on the forum player search nor ingame playercard.

in fact, whoever i search for, i get no information on at all…
no join date, no level, no stats.

As already said, you can check from the website

Replace name with the player nickname you have in mind.
If there is no BANNED stamp, then there is no such info.