Any tips for the MIG-15?

Recently i decided to give the mig-15 a try but i simply never do good in it for example: I can never hit enemies with its guns doesn’t matter how much i lead, go up and dive down. I also looked on the internet for help but doesn’t matter how much i look i still have lackluster performance. So if you guys have any tips please tell me some of them.

  • learn to aim with the weird gun placelemt

  • Boom and Zoom

  • only dogfight at lower speeds, but avoid if possible

  • use your engine power as it is your main advantage

You will get used to the 37mm eventually, i recommend checking defyn vids about it.
The basic giz is to do a vertical loop to bait your enemy till they are slow as u have amazing energy retention. The hard part is to actually kills them as you lock up heavily above 900~ish kph so use your airbrake as well. The roll rate is pretty bad so do take that in mind also.
I usually just climb to 4-5k meters ish at the start and be like a vulture swooping down on distracted enemy.

Try to master it too as the Mig-17s and mig-19s have the same play style.
Oh just notice it is about the normal Mig-15 (is it?) well then all those things also applied but you do have to choose your fight carefully as many things at that br will straight up deleted you.

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My advice: research the Lim 5 as quickly as possible. A jet that can do everything better and is really fun.

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about the guns , if youre after another plane at high speed wait to get close, use short burst(as the 37mm without the upgrade spread a lot), and use your air breaks when youre close enough so you dont overshoot.

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