Any tips for the F16?

I just unlocked the F-16 ADF and have been doing fairly alright (38 kills, 26 deaths.) However, I have a severe problem (or skill issue) with dodging radar missiles. Whenever a radar missile gets fired at me, I have found I have 3 options depending on the plane. I can 1. If it is a some form of a plane carrying Aim 7’s, I will dive to the ground to make the missile explode on the ground. 2. I will notch and/or go behind cover of the terrain or the most likely option that happens the most, 3. Just straight up die because I don’t have anywhere near enough maneuverability to defeat a radar missile fired at me.

I just don’t know what to do when something like an R24R is fired at me or something like an R27ER is launched at me. I maneuver worse than every F104 in the game above 1000 and feel like if a radar missile is fired at me in the headon, I just have to roll over and die.

I’m never the first one into the battlefield as I stay off to the side and wait for the furball to start before engaging.

I just feel hopeless knowing that if a radar missile is fired at me, I’m just completely screwed, especially since I’m limited to 9g because “realism” but no other plane has that.

Are there any tips that could be provided for me? I want to really enjoy this plane but feel like I can’t.

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just don’t, it’s not you, it’s the plane. It’s suboptimal for air RB. Sure, it’s the third best dogfighter of the game, right after f16a and j35d respectively (both share same turnrates between 560 and 700 kmh airspeed and very similar energy retention). The obnoxiously bad control authority of the plane makes it very hard to rapidly change direction in order to notch. It can’t either dodge missiles because of this (and also because the incoming missiles are just better and shouldn’t be added in the game at all, we all use sarh stick to sarh dont add mid step between sarh and amraam like the r27r and er are).

The R24R at very low level and up close is practically undefeatable unless the mig23 that launches it is dumb and doesnt wait to get close or sits at the same altitude as you.

To add more salt to the wound: you’re flying the ADF; a plane that should unironically perform just a tad worse than the A block 10 dogfight wise instead of feeling like the stock A block 10, having a slightly wider turn radius but better turn rate because of increased weight adding energy retention, but all you get is a plane that unlike the A, can barely reach 28 instead of 34 degrees per second, and just for a split second, forcing you to W tap constantly many times per second while f16 b10 doesn’t really need more than one or two W key taps every two seconds. The 9G “realism” is just cattle stool, it’s not realistic, it’s not a G limiter, it’s a very bad implementation. All jet fighters have something that limits the Angle of attack in order to prevent you from instantly pulling 1324312 G’s and snapping your plane in half like what happened on mexico a couple days ago since this post. The F16 is undercooked and needs more polishing, let’s say it’s the J7W1 of the air, you get kills because people is dumb, not because the plane is good for air rb. Wait for the update where the adf will get bumped from 9g to 11g and the A will go from 12g to 15g. You grind the A variant and start spanking everyone with the americanly biased aim9m’s with goofy ahh flare resistance from head on.