Any sneakpeek for the big 11th anniversary sales?

Jus wanna know incase they be doing like 75% off ykyk I’ve already known about the updates for tanks planes n stuffs but like will it be boring like the past years or any differ?

They havent even made 75% on their 10th anniversary year ago, i doubt it would be different this time. Gonna be the usual 50% for ig stuff and prem acc,followed by 50% for packs once ig sales ends.

aw that’s pretty sad i think the 10th one should be very big but whatever, the 75% off will be very nice so i can grind whole lotta new vehicle without but like that’s okay 50% off is pretty big.

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It’s only 50% off SL it would be nice to see 50% off RP during the event too

why is there no discount on squadron units?
i’ve been waiting for this event just to buy the swedish t80 for half the price

Squadron vehicle’s don’t get discounts

The sale is on Premium Vehicles not Squadroon Vehicles , just saying if its not self explanatory enough based on sales lOl