Any pros here that could help a rookie?

I am trying to learn how to use the scope better on Ground-Battles. Anyone know good tutorials? Thank you!

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Howdy! I have a few tips that might help with gunner view

  1. Change your gunner view to barrel instead of straight gunner sights

  2. Turn off grass in gunner sights/gunner view

Here’s a few general ground tips that I’ve found over time

  1. Make sure to use bonos

  2. Keep heavy situational awareness

  3. Use the free cam to peak around corners

  4. For tanks with night vision and thermals don’t just sit with those turned on. Make sure to use regular vision as well

  5. Bring a full lineup to help learn the ground modes faster as well as maps in general

  6. Have a separate key binding for MG’s and take the MG fire off of main cannon key binding

  7. Bring HE. So many people don’t do this and it helps so much to bring it

  8. Stay mobile. Don’t just sit in one spot keep moving

Happy hunting!


I did turn that off it’s really helpful actually

Yeah. It’s very nice to be able to actually see my enemies in a hull down position that’s grassy 😂

I will say though, that grass will be in the Gunner sights in sim as well as if will be in the gunners view like where it was IRL or modeled in game.

How do you have title “Slick Flanker” ?

Oh, I bought the latest like $5 pack. Came with that title 300 GE and something else. Maybe premium time?
I’ll go look for it and if I find it then I’ll link it here

Edit- This is it. It comes with the title, decal and 300 GE

What’s the use case for HE? I’ve tried using it to track enemies and it did nothing. I was using Cromwell V IIRC vs KVs.

HE is good for killing open top and thin skinned vehicles (M18, puma, SPAA’s ECT). I honestly don’t know how good it is at tracking vehicles because I normally just do that with AP rounds or MG’s (.50 cals). I still say bring HE, but just don’t use it to try and track tanks. My normal ammo load, no matter the tank is, ~22 AP/APHE, ~3 HE and maybe ~4 APCR/other round. That’s generally all you’ll need in a tank life, at least that I find. Of course your skill, average life time and reload time all affect the amount of ammo you bring.

I also want to say, if you have access to HEAT bring that instead of HE normally. I know some top tier tanks have weird HE physics, but for the majority of tanks I’d say just take HEAT over HE. It still will overpressure open tops, and when you run out of regular AP it can still pen more things than just straight HE.

If anyone has any more questions feel free to ask :)

turn off grass, have your own engine volume lowered and other engines up. use your binoculars and stay moving so you arent an easy target for CAS

HE is to overpressure open top vehicles like the wirbelwind and M18

Aww that’s such a good suggestion! I completely overlooked engine sound. While it doesn’t do a whole lot in my experience, it does do enough to make a noticable difference in reaction time based on audio.

Another audio suggestion I can offer is, turn crew lines off. This will help with hearing enemies and tracking them, whether they’re planes or tanks. This is controversial for some, but I find that when my commander isn’t yelling “FASTER!” everytime I push W, I can hear things better 😂

The only real downside to it is that you no longer can hear what the commander’s range call outs are. I have had mine turned off since before the update which that was introduced, but find that the range finder is generally good enough. Especially with smart gameplay.

Again, if anyone has any more questions feel free to PM or @ me in this thread :)


after a while you dont need range callouts as you can just do it by eye and get close enough to hit or kill, I only even use a rangefinder on tanks with LRS or with the FV4005 to ensure a hit

Lol yeah. I still will range in most tanks, but only if I’m super unsure about hitting the target. Like if it’s only a coupola or something small I could easily miss. Which I still normally do…😂

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its far easier when your tank will tear through near any part of your target ill admit, after a while you do learn the major weakpoints in a nations design philosophy which does help with weaker canons. just takes a long long time, I have a solid few thousand hours and I’m still learning some things

Yeah it took me 1000 hours to figure the audio stuff out 😂

Took another 1000 to learn about these forums plus other weak points on minor nation tanks. Even now that I know most of them, they still don’t like to work sometimes 😂

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So HE is more for top and bottom attacks and AFPDSD is…?

I’m having a little trouble figuring out what your saying.

Do you mean is HE better for killing tanks by shooting they’re roof/bottom parts of their hulls than APFSDS?

Or HE is more for top and bottom attacks, and that last part is asking what APFSDS is good for what?

If it’s that last option, then I’d say, yes HE is better for open tops and if the round is either like the goofy HE that is at top tier/just flat out a huge round like a sturmtiger or KV-2. APFSDS is like the APHE of top tier. It’s really good at everything, but I’d still take HE/HEAT for things like Helis or planes, or maybe even other things skinned vehicles.

Hope this helps :)

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