Any body else have this problem?

I usually try to post new topics but even tho it gets aproved i cant seem to find it. I tried looking in my war thunder forum account, the aproval email but it just says: Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.
Can anybody help?

You can DM a suggestion moderator, but what was explained to me was that it was “approved” into archive. So what happened was it went into the forum archive, and still hasn’t been reviewed.

Soo do i just wait until they review it?

Or it goes into archive :|


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But like do i have to do something to get it reviewed
Or do i have to pray to gaijin every night that somebody will review it

You just gotta pray to the snail. You don’t gotta do anything except submit it

Ok so i have to hope that one the snails moderators see it

They might have moved it into another section. Are you sure you know how to use this forum? It’s slightly confusing.

In this case, it means that there was some problem with your suggestion.

You can get advice by contacting the Suggest Mod team.