Anti-virus reporting a trojan while downloading an update

Microsoft AV keeps popping a message about a trojan virus, “Script/Sabsik.FL.B!ml”, while downloading the last update. It was asked in the old-forum but the topic never got the attention of community managers. Can we have an answer? @Stona_WT

There is no such file in War Thunder. This is the only report. It is likely to be unique to your machine.
Have you quarantined the file?

yes, i’ve quarantined the file and no, it was not only on my machine: it wasnt me that did the report on the old forum and at least other 6 people replied to that report talking about the same script being caught from Microsoft AV.

putting the file in quarantine stops the download and installation of WT.

I am running MS Defender as well as another AV software product. Neither have this issue.
I suspect you have picked up some malware from somewhere. Do a complete clean of your system.