Anti cheat create file failed with 32

Every time I try to boot up the game I a Error code: 30005 (Createfile failed with 32)
I have done a antivirus scan, analyzed files with the game launcher. and now have uninstalled three times and redownloaded the game. Any ideas what could be going on

I would also like to add I went directly into the anti cheat file opened it tried the (Repair service) and also uninstalled and reinstalled and it still did not work.

You need to create the antivirus exemption…

(This says it can also be Windows Defender, but I think also if you have your game folder set to OneDrive backup, that can also cause it too (If you’ve done something like installing it to my docs or another ‘backupable’ folder in your user folders))

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so my pc decided to crash so I did a full power off and now the game works

Huehuehue, tech works in mysterious ways…

Had the same issue - Restarting PC helped (this thread was first google search result so even OP is already fixed decided to give mine solution)

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