creation of a tutorial to use the anti-aircraft with video explaining how to target aircraft from reserve rank to rank 4 thank you very much because often my shots will not hit the target , and in the mode test of the vehicle choose the nation of the opposing vehicles thank you very much and good games

In arcade I, found you have to lead the game supplied targeting point. How much depends on the AA you are using , aircraft distance and what angle it’s at. Only time playing various machines can give an idea of how to play it successfully. Only real tip is use short burst fire don’t just hose at it, seems to work much better.

You can use Arcade to learn the skills and use them in realistic or sim games .

I use the following sight on many anti-aircraft but on some of them it is too big, I recommend trying it. It helps a lot for long range aiming. Sometimes the game does not detect the sight and the original one remains by default.

I also recommend knowing the velocities of the ammunition, generally the fastest are the tracers and incendiaries, but they have less range.
Sometimes it is convenient to shoot using the sight and sometimes in third person.