Another Su-27 vs F-15 rant. Flanker overperforming in every manouver

Hello. All I’d like to say is that in some testing done between the flanker and the 15A, the 15A almost never has any chances when it comes down to turns. I understand that the flanker overall is more manouverable than the f-15, but hear me out.

The energy retention of the f-15 doesn’t seem as good as in real life. It loses a lot of speed after the first 2 turns (if it lives that long) and it constantly loses in a 2 circle fight, which is supposed to be where the eagle shines over the flanker.

Currently the flanker performs better than the eagle in the rate, the one circle (expected), the 2 circle (unexpected, weird, not supposed to happen) and in the rolling scissors. Even with 20 minutes of fuel the flanker is not the brick the devs say it is. It does not matter if the eagle brings min fuel, the flanker will usually still win and will take super high aspect HMD r-73 shot on the first turn.

The F-15 favours the 2 circle, the Su-27 the one circle. It is facts. Yet here the F-15 favours being a flying brick and the Flanker favours being the top dog.

I am a US main, I admit. I don’t want to cry about the eagle not being the better aircraft, but it’s still not justified that the flanker can overperform to this level. I am simply concerned that the massively hyped Eagle will be dead on arrival.

Go watch Defyn’s livestream on youtube, two experienced players tested and the f15 doesnt even do too well against f4 phantom, F15 FM is underperforming is all, let them fix it in dev. Dev server is never final bro. Dont get ur panties in a twist just yet.

Not sure why this needs to be said every single dev server


currently f-16c outperforms smt in onecircle (should not happen) and two circle where they should be able to go neutral most of time

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Of course. Again, I’m not complaining, I understand it’s the dev server. All I want is to let people know what we’ve found.

the SMT is overall fatter than the normal 29. It’s known that it has a worse flight model. And I’m not talking about the viper here, unless you’re trying to point at the f-16 and say “Well you have overperforming planes too!”

That is not my point. I simply believe that all planes should have at least realistic, or close to real life flight performance.

then you should also go ask for f-16’s nerf as right now its not even close to being realistic

I don’t get why you’re this mad about me talking about the flanker overperforming. I’m simply sharing my opinion on the whole eagle vs flanker thing. I’m not here to ask for nerfs or buffs.

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the flanker has problems with its own flight model aswell both are on dev they are just not completed