Anniversary Tournament Live Stream with Twitch Drops!

We’re inviting you to celebrate War Thunder’s 11th Anniversary with a whole series of Esport tournaments! Our best modern aircraft pilots and seasoned tankers will come together to show their skills and compete live for your entertainment.


During the 4 weekends of the Anniversary Tournament, you'll be able to obtain a whole variety of our new Esport items.

Air Superiority 4v4 Campaign

October 28-29, November 4-5 from 15:15 until 22:00 UTC

Viewers of the Air Superiority tournament can receive:

  • F-16C “Golden Sun”
  • Barak II “Lightning Storm”
  • Yak-141 “Bumblebee”
  • “Esport Megaphone” decoration.

WT11 Fire-Front 5v5 Campaign

November 11-12, 18-19 15:15 until 22:00 UTC

Декоратор “Esport Megaphone” decoration.”

Viewers of the Fire-Front 5v5 tournament can receive:

  • Tornado IDS ASSTA1 “Fliegonodrom”
  • MiG-29SMT “Quick Response”
  • F-16AJ “Hanagasumi”
  • AH-64D “Fire Starter”

Watch these tournaments and receive Twitch Drops exclusively on the English, German, French or Russian Official War Thunder Esport Channels!

Login to your Twitch accountlink your Gaijin account → click “Allow” to be able to receive Twitch Drops!


What are Twitch Drops?

These are game rewards for stream viewers on Twitch.

Can I get anything in War Thunder?

Yes! The longer you are watching War Thunder stream on WarThunder_eSports, WarThunder_eSports_RU, WarThunder_eSports_DE or WarThunder_eSports_FR channels, the more rewards you will get.

Awesome! What do I need to do to be able to get the rewards?

You need to link Gaijin and Twitch accounts:

  • Sign up or enter your Twitch account details on the website.
  • Enter the information from your Gaijin account you are playing War Thunder with on this page and click the “Link” button.

ATTENTION! If you are playing on PlayStation, Xbox or via Steam, click on the appropriate icon below without entering any data into the blank fields!

  • Press the “Allow” button!

What broadcasts do I need to watch to be able to earn rewards?

Watch War Thunder streams marked “Drops enabled!”.

How do I know that I have received a reward?

You will receive a reward message on the Twitch broadcast page. Once you see it, you will need to click on the “Get” button. You can also do this in your Drops inventory.

ATTENTION! You can only earn rewards during the Twitch Drop campaigns — until May 8th (10:00 GMT).

Which platforms are rewards available for?

Rewards are available for everyone who plays War Thunder on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

To stay up to date with all of the War Thunder Esports news and events, join our Discord community! Starting from today, we’re giving away the following War Thunder Premium Bundles there:


If you think you’re skilled enough to compete with elite War Thunder players, you can try your best by applying for the tournaments here!

We have 9 celebratory tournaments for you to take part in. The prize fund is over 300,000 Golden Eagles, a variety of bundles and vehicle coupons, including the legendary E100, Esport camouflages, decals and unique titles.

“War Thunder 11th Anniversary — Esport” decal “War Thunder 11th Anniversary — Esport” decal

M24 Chaffee "Fliegonodrom" Camouflage


P-51 Mustang "Fliegonodrom" Camouflage

We didn’t forget about the Esport snail pack!

Meet the updated “Snailonidas” pack
War Thunder - Набор
The Kit Includes:
  • "Hoplomachus Snail" decal
  • "Snailonidas" title
  • 300 Golden Eagles

God… seriously, hats off to the artists responsible for these skins, like they’re all great, but that F-16 of the JSDF is arguably one of the most gorgeous skins in the entire game, every line and color is literal perfection!!

03:15am or earlier for China, NZ and Aus people who might want to watch or even participate…

Thanks for nothing.

Why list as:

from 15:15 until 22:00 UTC

If it ends at 19:30 UTC?

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Yea, i get it they are just skins but why tell us the drops schedule and then just end early… then of course all ‘participating’ channels listed afterwards dont provide drops at all as they exclusive to the esports streams…

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Still haven’t received the twitch drops from the last round, Oct 28th-29th. What’s going on?


Top tier missile carriers has been very boring to watch. It would be much more entertaining if the aircraft involved were pure gunfighters.

Anyone else not received twitch drops from yesterdays stream? My accounts are linked as i managed to claim skins from last weekends stream. Just not receiving yesterdays skins for the german tornado and mig smt?

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98% Ninety-Eight I’m now just annoyed. Knowing that due to fair play, no one is likely to actually get it, if your this far in already.

Huh? You didn’t get 100% - …what’s the beef?