Anniversary of the La-5’s First Flight!

The LaGG-5 (later renamed to La-5), created by the OKB-21 under the leadership of S.A. Lavochkin made its first flight on March 21st 1942. By the summer of the same year, this aircraft arrived to the front where it went up against the Luftwaffe’s Fw 190. The La-5 was actively used until the end of the war, and almost 10,000 were built.

The La-5FN (Germany) is temporarily available for the Golden Eagles!

In honor of its first flight, the premium German La-5FN is available for 5,250 Golden Eagles.

When: From March 21st (11:00 GMT) until March 24th (12:00).

Where: Germany > Aviation > Premium vehicles.

About this aircraft

  • The La-5FN improves upon the original variant of this aircraft. One of its main improvements was the more powerful M-82FN engine, giving it significantly increased speed and maneuverability. It’s best at low altitudes, handles well and is armed with a good pair of 20 mm ShVAK cannons.

25EUR for this is too much. Offer it for 1500-2000GE and I’ll buy it.


This vehicle has always been overpriced.


Would be nice to have some kind of brief story on when or how it was captured by Germans and when/where they used it…


You celebrate the La-5’s anniversary with a German version?.. 🤨

How about celebrating with a cool free skin or something?


… and being Imho one of the rarest premium planes you see in this BR range.

Because of its Price 😂

It used to be cheaper when it was buyable for GE normally, i think it used to be like 2.5k GE max and then i bought it for half during sales.

No it’s always been around 5K GE.

First flights are always celebrated by the temporary availability of a premium

2013… :)

Edit: But yes, judging by the other posts in the ancient thread, it used to be cheaper before…

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the cost was increased back in version 1.27 when Gaijin has released ridiculously broken flight model and then decided instead of fixing it they’ll monetize the bug, so they increased price from 1700(-ish) GE to current 5200GE.

Yes, they made it the by far most expensive premium vehicle in the game (at that time) based on bugged flight model … and 11 years later players still have to pay this inflated price.


I’ll make my reaction to the GER La-5FN’s resurfacing public:

I adored the (Russian) La-5FN when I played it years ago and enjoyed the German example when I tried it via test drives too.

Nowadays, my focus is on RB GFs and that means I would prefer an aircraft with bomb capability (the captured La-5FN lacks this). However, for me, the matter of bombs is not so important that I’d rule out buying the La-5FN…that’s still an open possibility on its merits.

However, I will not pay $26 for a Tier III premium that is strictly a reskin with less capability. The price of 5,250 GE for this vehicle is quite frankly absurd, given that I can buy a talisman for the Soviet example for 980 GE.

Price Analysis

If you look at the price differences between foreign nations and the talisman prices of their home tree’s examples, you can see the German La-5FN is the subject of a marked deviation.

Consider these examples:


Bf 109G-6 (GER): 1500 GE (talisman)
Bf 109G-6 (SW): 4880 GE (vehicle)

The foreign reskinned version of the Bf 109G-6 is a little over 3x the cost of the original’s talisman cost.

Ki-43-II (JP): 410 GE (talisman)
Ki-43-III (CH): 300 GE (talisman)
Ki-43-II (US): 700 GE (vehicle)

The price variation between these Ki-43s is also slim…

Fw 190A-8 (GER): 1500 GE (talisman)
Fw 190A-8 (US) 3850 GE (vehicle)

Although the recolored red American example of the Fw 190 is itself popularly regarded as overpriced, it too is only about 250% the cost of its original’s talisman cost.

Measuring the prices of these other similar vehicles, there is no way the German La-5FN should cost anything more than 3000 GE.

Looking at it, I would call even a 1500 GE price tag “quite fair” for Gaijin and players alike.

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Apologies for the ping @Stona_WT but the article says it’ll be for sale until the 24th but its gone in-game and no longer visible.
First screenshot was yesterday and second is today, I can’t find it through search or by manually browsing the tree.

Was this pulled early?

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I had a similar experience…restarted the game client and the German La-5FN is visible.

(USA) Bf-109F4 - 1450GE
(USA) Spitfire Mk IX - 1750GE
(GER) P-47D - 1300GE
(RU) P-63A5 - 1600GE
(UK) Mustang Mk IA - 1850GE
(JAP) Fw-190 A5 - 1750GE

that was back in 2013, so the 5250GE cost was even more ridiculous than how it looks today …

“we broke something, so instead of fixing it let’s use it as an excuse to make the broken stuff cost 3x more than any other premium vehicle in game”


Is this a PC only deal? I’m not seeing it on PS5.