Anniversary approaching, and I advise you not to buy M1KVT Dont BUY it !just buy M1128(dog herds)

It’s just a piece of XXXX M774 in 10.3 cant do any Frontal damage expecially your opponent were T80U(K)/T90 , Projectile mass compared to M735 has even decreased
Regardless of the influencing factor, the M774 is very poorly damaged, and it may take three shots to destroy a Leopard 1 ( shell used out)
As a control
105mm DM33 3.79KG AP 408
105mm M735 3.7KG AP 353
120mm DM23 4.3KG AP 410
125mm 3bm42 4.85 KG AP 457mm
105 M774 only have 3.4KG AP 372mm


OK I buy nothing, only food.

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It is just collection item as some customers want buying it for collection, not for online battles. Let other making their choice on buying it. Okay? Have fun time playing.

as said in a multitude of threads on the old forum. M1 should receive M833 putting it at 395mm point blank. the next available round M900 is too powerful on the M1 Platform.

as you yourself have stated, most of the 9.0-10.3 Western vehicles have 105 DM33 or 120 DM23 equivalent penetration on APFSDS. M833 would reduce the gap to approx. 15 mm.

this would also work with gaijin’s method of giving the previous vehicles top round a a starter or intermediate round, the IPM1 has M833 as an upgrade, so it stands to reason to give M1 M833, since M774 is the top round already on the M60A3 TTS.

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