And what should I do in this case?

What to do in such situations?, the document talked about the work of EP2, which is installed on GBU aerial bombs, and the admin blocked, the question itself was why, after all, GBU aerial bombs are not so accurate

Not post anything more about it, and make a bug report with clearly marked unclassified documents.

The sergeant told me to do whatever you want

Excuse me?

the sergeant gave me these documents with the words do what you want, but if they come for your ass, then you are responsible, we sometimes joke like that, drain the documents and don’t get targeted, But these are the ones that are completely resolved

I use a translator because I don’t know English, sorry for earlier

Oh umm okay…

No, it’s not your English, it’s just that I’ve never heard your story… 😂

I mean, I believe you, but it’s not me that you have to convince or prove anything to. Like I said the best thing you can do is make a bug report

And I can also drop off the documents about the bombs JDAM anb about US UAVs

Umm how about no… Let’s not get banned rn

can’t I leak the documents about the F-35 and F-16 for the sake of a joke with the sergeant?(((((

Lol no…

Truthfully, no one cares if it’s for a joke with your sergeant. None of us can confirm if your sergeant gave permission, if they have the clearance to, and the fact remains that it did not have a declassification marker. Absolutely no one, most of all Gaijin, cares if you say you have permission. My sincerest advice is to stop talking about this right now for your own sake. This is not about whether or not I am annoyed at this (although believe me, I am), but someone will eventually come for you for this. And regardless, the document not having a clear declassification marker violates Gaijin’s and the forums’ rules.

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