Ancient epic battle.(sorry this is not warthunder stuff too)

Hi guys, please allow me to make a suggestion that has nothing to do with warthunder, and sorry for my bad English.
I mainly play BR3-4 ground arcade battles at WT, Personally, I think the issue is that the plane bombing is too op, but WT is still one of the most sophisticated modern online games.
However, I also like ancient battles, and have been playing Rome total war (RTW) for a long time. RTW is a very old game, released in 2004, but it’s still a very well-received game. In addition to the single campaign, online battles are also possible, with a fully equipped global chat lobby and 4v4 battles possible. Despite some bugs, low FPS issues due to multi-core incompatibility, and oftenly connection troubles, 4v4 between veterans is still epic and exciting. Creative assembly (CA) teamed up with wargaming to release TotalWar Arena, which specializes in online battles, but it was too arcadey and over simplifies everything, with archers being able to shoot an unlimited number of bows. Since the victory condition was to capture the enemy’s base instead of defeating enemy, it became just a game of tag, and it became a very boring and cheap game with no epicness, so it was natural that it would fail.

I think Gaijin can better recreate the epic battles of ancient times.

What is the suggestion?

But like… How is this relevant to anything? So they could recreate ancient battles. Yeah, and I could breed BL21 E. coli with genes from a rabbit in it. What’s your point?

I posted this because I thought it would be great if Gaijin could create a new online game of ancient battles, but of course it would be difficult in reality.


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I get what you are saying but I think they have way too much on their plate as it is and are not looking to expend more on a game that will most likely not succeed.

I can’t even imagine how badly Gaijin would screw that up…

That’s right at all. However, for example, if one player has 10 units, in a 10v10 battle, 100 units will clash, it must be so spectacular. If Gaijin could afford it, I would like them to consider it, but I know they don’t have :(
It’s a minor market compared to modern warfare or fantasy.

I think they will do better than wargaming…(^^);
In any case, thanks guys for the replies.

Thats really not saying

Lmao this came to my head because back in college I worked with BL21. I hate that stuff with such a burning passion. BL21 specifically is so maddeningly difficult to work with. It’s like 12-ish hours or some crap like that for a full culture that may or may not produce the protein you want it to (the chance that BL21 will actually make the protein you modified to is way lower than with other strains of E. coli). I hate it so much.

It’s used in bio labs in universities because it’s absolutely fantastic at making proteins if you can get it take make the damn things, but actually getting it to make the protein you want is super annoying. It’s not insanely hard, it’s just incredibly irritating.