An Insight on Gripen's capabilities 2.0

Greetings, today while scrolling around in the bug reports i found this very interesting bug report made by someone who clearly didn’t put any research on the sources he used; you may wonder why i’m stating something like that, well because one of the primary sources was the document that showed the 13 deg/sec of the gripen compared to the mirage 2000 (12 deg/sec) and the infamous AT2000 plane, that never existed… while in another topic we’ve already debunked said document and shown that the data inside it are completely fictional and just estimates, Gaijin decided not only to accept it but to use it to “bug fix” the gripen. Let me show you the bug report where the “trustworthy source” is posted and where everything contraddics everything, but yet is accepted to balance out the game. This is nothing short of ridiculous, showing that whoever does the research for bug reports is not actually reading or willing to use real sources and Gaijin doesn’t care about checking (I hope that’s the case, actually, otherwhise would be even more idiotic) wether what source is presented to them is actually real or no.


If you have proof then report it on the bug report site. Saying you talked about in another topic means nothing. The forums are not for bug reporting, but mainly to bring awareness to existing bug report. Gaijin does not use topics as bug reports. You basically did the equivalent of chat with your friends outside an embassy building, then get upset no changes happened. Submit the sources on the bug report site, then get the Gripen buffed if your claims are verifiably true.

op literally did what you’re saying: bringing awareness to existing bug reports. in that bug report, where they nerfed gripen STR, no source provided (at least the links) real data about gripen STR with loads and other info. he’s not asking for buffs but to reconsider the nerfs


Yeah Mig_23M is known for this kind of behaviour unfortunately.


can’t read? op is not asking for buffs but to reconsider the recent nerfs to its FM

Reconsider what? it already got the best missile, FM and CM amount, it doesn’t need it’s dev server flight performance. nerf on this shit to make it at least fightable is required.

nobody asked to get gripen back to its dev-server stats omg

No why it has good ir and alot of cm but no bvr
it not even better flight performance to the F16A

lemme have you know something, before this nerf gripen was borderline unfightable.


He needs to file a counter bug-report is what I’m saying. He brought awareness but did not link counter sources in the actual community site which is what is evaluated.

Half of the thread was people saying the second source was unrelated, before eventually admitting that it did discuss the Gripen, but were unhappy with how it portrayed it. The sources were easily found online, so I’m not sure why people could not just search the titles. The OP in the bug report even uploaded the exact figure since people were struggling to find a single image, only to be met with someone trying to claim it’s a “random” imgur image. Which again, actively works against getting the Gripen buffed because it just clutters the discussion.

We’re unlikely to have any direct sources on this since the Gripen is still in active service. If you have some secondary sources regarding the turn rate (which would match the level of sourcing for the original bug report), then it could be reverted. However I just see a lot of “well it’s known” type responses rather than any direct sources. If you have the obvious sources that were in the other topic, I would strongly recommend opening a new bug report with them since it would greatly help both the Swedish and British air trees since its their only competitive top tier fighter at the moment.

You are one of the people who cluttered the discussion rather than provide counter-sources, and proceeded to pretend not to see the figure until it was made blatantly obvious that it was in-fact in the source. So you actively helped to have the flight model nerfed without any meaningful counter discussion to the OP’s claims.


my nation had none of that for a year i didn’t demand the F16 need a nerf
Also F15 has a good FM people are just coping has alot of CM and good missles but SARHs are second best


am i Swedish main

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Look your just mad a nation has a good plane and can’t cope with your own

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ok and im not a Swedish main mate my nations has worse

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what? britain? at that point is UK Procurement program that you must blame, not me for disliking gripen overperformance.

Plus ask gaijin to stop matching GB with SV everytime.

so you’re telling us that chinese J-7E is worse than JA37C at the same BR? lmao

both have terrible guns: one being only 60rds and a mediocre ballistics, the other have better capacity and ballistics but no tracers so difficult to aim

missiles? J-7E wins, PL5Bs are better than aim9Js, and Skyflash is still a terrible fox1 so it doesn’t help that much



Was i complaining that my country has worse jet then others at the same br no that was you

Pretended to not see the figure? He didn’t post a source, just the name. The only version I could find having a quick look had the images removed. So I asked which image they were referring to…

You say I actively helped, but I didn’t see you doing anything.

Gaijin were likely going to make these changes long before mastermind started posting his questionable sources. He just likes to take credit for them so he feels special. They also turned down almost all of his other suggested Gripen nerfs.