An insight into the T-90

open source study on Russian armor.

T-90M performance compared to M1A2SEP variant. Analysis cited is by Russian analysts.

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Isn’t this basically just conjecture? It means nothing and is even a bit silly. “Military-technical level factor”, “probability that one tank will destroy the other”. It’s a bit of a joke, 'innit?


Well so has the representation of Russian tanks honestly…

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We all know the T-80s and T-90s are woefully inferior to western tanks. If we tried to balance them based on real life performance the T90M would probably be like a 10.3 at which point Top tier would just be western tanks fighting western tanks, there would be no Russia, China, etc in top tier at all…and it would just be teams of Abrams and Leos and nothing else…very boring.

the t90m is not inferior to any tank except the american one in terms of armor and speed, speed doesnt realy matter in RL u can tell that to all those a6s destroyed in ukropia, those tanks are designed on 2 different doctrines.


What is the cited work? They label where they got it from so should be able to dig it up.

The export variants of these tanks are not the same as their domestic counterparts and most of the western tanks destroyed in Ukraine were disabled by mines and artillery, NOT tank on tank combat. Counter to your point we have seen T80s, and T90s destroyed by drones, other tanks, artillery, infantry etc.

By all those destroyed 2A6s, you mean just the 3 of which account for not even 0.05%

Tbh, im mostly suprised their message is still up considering they are just using a slur in the message. Generally i don’t go about mini-modding, but i will at least mention it since its been up for so long.

Let me clarify a little, they are talking about T-90a and T-80u, bv and not T-90m
I think no one doubts that they are worse than Leo 2a5 and 2a6 and m1a2
The data itself is from documents from the late 90s and mid-2000s. and in general the conclusions turned out to be correct.

any proof that t80s and t90s were destroyed by other tanks in UKR? and you can look on the russian telegram chanels you will see way more than 3 a6s destroyed. There only 3 videos of tank on tank battles in UKR and on 2 of them there were russian t80s destroying ukr t64s. There is only 1 video where a leopard a6 shoots at a t72b3 with a HE round and the 72 did not suffered any significant damage and was able to run for cover

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it talks about basic T-90 not T-90A/M

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