An idea for the implementation of Gyroscopic gunsights on aircraft in warthunder

Would you like to see Gyroscopic gunsights work in game? If not, why?

  • Yes, in the format you described
  • Yes, with some tweaks
  • No, there is a better way
  • Absolutely not

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gyroscopic gunsights are modeled visually, so why not model their function. They were game changing pieces of tech, and they should be modeled. Here is my idea on how to do it.

Modeling the mechanic:
The naval range finding system would work well as a base to modify from. Have the player select a target, then after a delay of between 2-3 seconds base and 0.75 to 1.2 seconds aced. These are approximate times. These skills can be increased through leveling up the fire accuracy and fire precision skills.
The fire accuracy skill would determine how quickly the range is determined. The fire precision skill determines how long until you lose the target and need to re-range. The target is determined by whatever enemy plane has that rectangle around it. If a target is selected, the rangefinding system is automatic, unless the player presses a key bind that turns it off.

Offensive weapons
On planes with gyro gunsights, the aiming reticle would work like radar gunsights in top tier. The “lock” should be lost if the target moves outside the gunsight’s field of view. The gunsight is constantly updated in planes with radar gunsights ( F-86, Hunter, MiG 19).

The best I can think to do it would be to give the enemy planes a lead indicator that gets updated every time the gunners loose track.

Post it here

I posted this there, but it got reviewed and rejected, and I don’t know why

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