AMX-30B2/32 Engine Output

In-game, AMX-30B2 and AMX-32 (105) uses the Hispano-Suiza HS-110-2 engine with an energy output of 680 HP, however, there seem to be conflicting statements about it; with some secondary sources suggesting an output 700 HP or 720 HP (like in the earlier B model).

Does somebody have primary sources related to this issue?

I made a bug report about it: // Issues

In-game AMX-30 engines are a absolute mess with 3 configurations:

A) HS-110 720HP at 2400RPM; B, AuF1 and Roland I
B) HS-110 700HP at 2400RPM; DCA and ACRA
C) HS-110-2 680HP at 2400RPM; B2 and 32 (105)

A) and B) are unrealistic, they should be 720HP at 2600RPM.

C) is realistic but gimped, HS-110-2 can power 700HP without issues.


This has been changed on the current dev server, rejoice!

Really? N i c e

Did they changed all AMX-30 variants and the AMX-32 (105)? Or only a few?

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From when i last looked it’s all amx30s except the amx30 super for obvious reasons. So the premium 30,dca,b2,brenus, and tech tree 30

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