Amx-30 acra

I am not sure which of the latest changes was responsible but the AMX-30 ACRA is much less of a pain to play than it was previously. Well done Gaijin.

I missed anything in a change log for it. What makes it better now?

The ATGM seems more effective than it used to be. Or that could just be me forgetting. I had’nt played the ACRA for a while.

Do you know why it hasnt got commander view?

We have a kind of observer cupola on amx series on the rooftop that is actually very vulnerable and increase detection by enemy team. I mean they see you before you see them when you are climbing a hill for example.

Is there a reason for that? I doubt amx put tha lt cupola just for fun!

That is the will of Gaijin. I am not sure what the criteria for having a commanders view option are.