AMX-13 LAR-160 MLRS - 160mm OF Pure Death

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TL;DR: An AMX-13 equipped with an LAR-160 MLRS.



The French AMX-13 light tank was a very successful design, having very good upgrade potential as a weapon platform. Due to this reason, it was widely exported and modified to fit the needs of different militaries. Venezuela purchased 67 AMX-13s and modified some of them to be anything from SPAAGs to FSVs. One of these modifications was an Multiple-Launch-Rocket-System carrier. The system that the Venezuelan military chose was the LAR-160, an Israeli-made 160mm light rocket artillery system. This system came in three variants, each designed for different vehicle classes. These were: Truck/Trailer (Two pods with 13 rockets each), Medium Armored Vehicle (Two pods with 18 rockets each), and MBT (Two pods with 26 rockets each). Venezuela purchased 20 LAR-160s of the Medium Armored Vehicle variant and mounted them onto their trusty AMX-13 fleet. These AMX-13s featured a redesigned hull and turret that eliminated many unnecessarily cast pieces, which, presumably, made repairs easier. The LAR-160 is capable of firing two types of rockets: Mk. I and Mk. II. The Mk. I Rocket is a 100kg rocket with a 40kg HE-COFRAM warhead. This rocket can be detonated either by impact or proximity. The Mk. II Rocket is an improvement over the Mk. I. Its mass was increased to 110kg, with its warhead being 46kg. The Mk. II comes in both HE-COFRAM and Cluster variants, the latter of which is designed for use against infantry, however, use against low-flying or hovering aircraft isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Place In War Thunder:

France is pretty hard-pressed when it comes to domestically produced MLRSs. This vehicle fills that gap with a maneuverable and familiar chassis, equipped with rockets that will almost guarantee a one-shot. Gameplay would be similar to the Japanese Type 75 MLRS already in-game, however, the AMX-13 LAR-160 MLRS may prove to be more versatile in almost every way. The hull is smaller and more maneuverable while the rockets are larger and have multiple uses. The rockets’ proximity capabilities would be very dangerous for lightly armored vehicles and even some aircraft. That being said, ammoracking this vehicle would be much easier due to the size of its rocket pods as well as the rockets themselves. The rocket pods are also incapable of depressing past 0 degrees, so ridgelines won’t be an option. I feel that the best implementation of this vehicle would be as a high-tier GE Premium, acting as a pseudo-equivalent to the Type 75 MLRS.


Armament: LAR-160 MLRS (36 rockets)

Dimensions: 4.88m, 2.51m, 2.35m (L,W,H) (Dimensions of the AMX-13. This vehicle is definitely be taller.)

Weight: 15000~kg

Armor: 10-30~mm

Crew: 3-4 (Driver, Gunner, Commander, and maybe a Loader)

Ammunition: Mk. I Rocket (HE-COFRAM) and Mk. II Rocket (HE-COFRAM or Cluster Warhead)

Speed: 60~kph

Horsepower: 250hp


Right Side View with rocket on display:


Left Side View:


Three AMX-13 LAR-160 MLRSs in a row:


Inside the turret:


Rocket Pods being serviced:



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Is there anything the AMX-13 can’t do?

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I really hope that these Venezulian vehicles ( the ones suggested in this forum ) will come in the French tree at certain point, alongside the amx 30 V because they are very unique and interesting. They could complete the french tt without being a full sub-tree.


Given that the LAR-160 Mk II rockets have 7.5 times the TNT mass of the Type 75 MLRS, how much higher would this thing’s BR go?

Probably around 8.0-8.7 but mostly due to the rockets having some proximity capability and not necessarily the increased explosive. It’s still an incredibly limited vehicle with a massive ammorack over it. Pretty sure it isn’t stabilized either.

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