This thing is an absolute beast.

ACRA missile at 7.3 (meaning a lot of KT, JT, and other WW2 vehicles will be taking ATGM)
Missile is barrel launched - fast and nimble missile flight, doesn’t suffer like other early missile launchers
Good mobility
Fantastic 20mm (unlike the Foch, this one can be used as AA. If I need SPAA, I just bring this for AT/AA)

I listened to all the whines from people like TEC (‘wahhh, it’s just another missile box’), pointing out obvious things like the lack of armor. Yeah, so? I like using this thing at close ranges, your armor matters little if the enemy is a wreck before they can respond to your missile. If you’re basing your play style in this thing around trading hits with the enemy, you’re using this thing wrong.

France 7.3 was already strong, and now it is even stronger. Thank you for adding this thing, Gaijin.

You might like it but it’s still trash, though. There is literally no vehicle I would remove from the line up to put this shite instead.

Great 1-shot kill ATGM; great 20mm that can actually AA. You don’t know what trash is. This is more effective than the Foch. I typically take this or Somua as first spawn, depending on map. Oh, and the reload on this thing is faster than the 8.3 Acra, and obviously way faster than Foch.

I’m assuming you haven’t used it.

Edit: I will add. There are some people who like playing boring vehicles. They’ll bring out MBT after MBT. They want vehicles that seem to be balanced in each area. That is okay. But it doesn’t mean vehicles that go all-in on some aspects at the expense of others are bad or ‘trash’.

Your assumption is incorrect.

10 battles, okay, chief. But I guess it was love at first battle for me, so different strokes for different folks. Maybe you’ll use it more with the Char and AMX being removed from 7.3.

btw, love to see how much you’ve used the M4A1 (FL10). Have just started using it and the thing is great.

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Best tank in the game for me (and I’m well aware that it’s to each his own and purely a question of taste, of course). It used to be in an insane 4.7 line up. Now a bit harder to use at 5.0 where it’s constantly uptiered to 5.7 or 6.0. But still an awesome vehicle, as long as you understand its limitations (paper armor and poor gun depression).